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      Wdsen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

      iButton Temperature Loggers

      iButton Hygrochron Temperature/Humidity Logger

      iButton Hygrochron Temperature Humidity Loggers



      iButton Data Loggers

      Temperature and humidity data loggers are designed for use in specific applications, such as pharmaceutical and life science cold chain distribution, fresh produce distribution, process monitoring, environmental monitoring and autoclave temperature data logging. Each device is programmable and can be re-programmed and used for many years.

      iButton? data loggers are durably packaged modules enhanced by our 1-Wire communications protocol. iButton Thermochron? temperature data loggers make it simple and inexpensive to monitor and log temperature data of critical assets, helping to ensure integrity throughout the manufacturing process, sterilization cycle, or cold chain distribution.

      For applications where both temperature and humidity are important, iButton Hygrochron? data loggers record and report both temperature and humidity data as a function of time.

      Our USB temperature data logger is equipped with an external thermistor probe to log temperature in extremely cold environments. The logger is also capable of recording ambient temperature, and is suitable for life science applications where temperature data from the cold chain is paramount to maintaining asset integrity through to the final destination.


      DS1921G Thermochron iButton Device

      DS1921H High-Resolution Thermochron iButton Devices

      DS1921Z High-Resolution Thermochron iButton Devices

      DS1922E iButton High-Temperature Logger with 8KB Data-Log Memory

      DS1922L iButton Temperature Loggers with 8KB Data-Log Memory

      DS1922T iButton Temperature Loggers with 8KB Data-Log Memory

      DS1923 iButton Hygrochron Temperature/Humidity Logger with 8KB Data-Log Memory

      DS1925 iButton High-Density Temperature Logger with 122KB Data-Log Memory

      DS9097U-S09 Universal 1-Wire COM Port Adapter

      DS1402D-DR8 1-Wire Network Cables

      iButton Hygrochron Temperature Humidity Logger,DS1923,DS1922,DS1921